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We welcome you into the family of AAMCARE.

FIRST we have to know if you really have Medicare.  MANY people have

Before we start the billing process, please call your AAMCARE showroom.

Let us know your full name, date of birth, Medicare Number and Physician
Contact Information.

We can then see if you are in the Medicare system.

(Most of the paperwork done below is done between our Medicare Biller and
your Physician.)

Adjustable Beds
.  Adjustable Beds are not Medicare approved.


Adjustable Beds

Beds - not Medicare Approved
 Semi-electric Hospital Beds basically
do the same thing as Adjustable Beds.  But, Adjustable Beds are not
Medicare Approved (Medicare specifies that Adjustable Beds have to have a
manual crank or electric motor to elevate the whole bed up and down to qualify
as a hospital bed.  The only adjustable beds that have the electric
3 motor function are the
Master adjustable beds
.  But, if you can afford an Adjustable Bed
out of your own money, you will be getting a better looking bed, and a much
better standard mattress.  If you only qualify for a Standard Semi-Electric
Hospital Bed, you are allowed to pay the difference to get a Flex-A-Bed or
Transfer Master Adjustable Bed.  You must sign the
acknowledging that you know you are going to pay the difference.

Bariatric Beds

Bariatric Heavy Duty 350 pound and 600 pound Hospital Beds
- Medicare Approved
 Medicare will pay for a heavy duty bariatric
bed if you are 350 pounds, and another classification if you are over 650
pounds.  A heavy duty extra wide hospital bed (E0301, E0303) is covered
if the patient meets one of the criteria for a fixed height hospital bed
and the patient's weight is more than 350 pounds, but does not exceed
600 pounds. An extra heavy-duty hospital bed (E0302, E0304) is covered if
the patient meets one of the criteria for a hospital bed and the patient's
weight exceeds 600 pounds.   When you exceed 350 pounds, Medicare
will help pay for a wider bed too.  When you exceed 600 pounds, Medicare
will help pay for an even wider hospital bed.

Hospital Beds

Beds - Medicare Approved.
 Medicare requires a Doctor's
Prescription.  Please talk and fax your Prescription to one of our local
Hospital Bed showrooms.  Medicare will pay for a semi-electric hospital
bed:  2-motor hospital beds allow you to electrically adjust your back
and your legs to any position you want.  Medicare allows you to pay
$300 more out of your own pocket if you want to buy the 3rd motor; the high-low
motor, if you need a Hospital Bed to go lower and higher for transferring
in and out of bed; or into a wheelchair; or to help you to get elevated for
your caregiver in assisting and taking care of you.  You must sign the
 that you are acknowleging that you have to pay the $300 up-charge
out of your own pocket.   Low Hospital Beds are also available
for Alzheimers Patients or for people who are very short.  The standard
Hospital Bed comes with a vinyl covered innerspring or foam mattress.  You
are also allowed to pay more out of your own pockert for a deluxe innerspring
or latex foam mattress.
 Special disability and handicapped mattresses that assist
people who may develop bed sores are also available.  Specialty Mattresses
and Hospital Bed Mattress Pads are covered by Medicare if you qualify.

 More Medicare Information on Hospital Beds.

Lift Chairs

- Medicare Approved
, but for only $285.00, with Secondary $340.
 Medicare seems to only want to pay for the motor of the lift chair.
 The least expensive Lift Chair is on Sale for $599.00, so if you have
the Medicare Paperwork filled out.  See the
Lift Chair CMN Form
.  Please contact and fax back to your local
showroom.  The Medicare Reimbursement can go directly to you if you
 More Medicare information on Lift Chairs.  
Lifts - Not Medicare Approved


for Disabled and Handicapped Patients - Medicare Approved
- Pressure
Relieving Mattresses and Mattresses Pads - Medicare Approved
 More Medicare information on Pressure-Relieving Mattresses
and Mattress pads.

Power Mobility Devices:  Scooters & Electric

Power Mobility Devices:
- Medicare Approved.  There is considerable amount of
paperwork that has to be filled out before you are eligible for a Mobility
OUR MEDICARE BILLER AND YOUR PHYSICIAN.  The Paperwork has to be complete
BEFORE delivery.  You have to have a specific appointment with your
Physician, a "Face-to-Face" with your Physician that addresses your needs.
 The Doctor has to specifically write in his chart notes during this
meeting why you cannot handle a walker or a manual wheelchair.  Medicare
only cares about your indoor use Medicare does not care about your outdoor
use; Patient must have mobility limitation that significantly impairs his/her
ability to participate in one or more mobility-related activities of daily
living (MRADLs) such as toileting, feeding, dressing, grooming, and bathing
in customary locations in the home.  You are allowed to walk;
just to have difficulty walking within your home).
 Here is the Medicare Criteria that we send to your Doctor
that addresses the criteria. 
 After your Face-to-Face,
you should be able to optain your Doctors Prescription.
 After AAMCARE received your Doctor's Prescription, the Doctor has to
sign off on the Written Order.  

 More Medicare Information on Power Mobility Devices.
 Manual Wheelchairs - Medicare Approved
Lifts for Cars and Vans - Not Medicare Approved

 Wheel Chair Elevators - Not Medicare Approved

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